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I am Ashleigh Stewart, the creator of The Mind Trip, and I'm so happy our paths have finally crossed! I have a keen fascination with the body, mind and spirit connection, and have spent my entire life studying that and analysing the interaction of those three components of 'Self'. I am especially interested in how the interaction of the three components influence our physical life experience.

I am in constant self analysis and reflection, while studying my own life, and observing the lives of others around me. I am fascinated in observing how we think, feel speak and act, affects our live, creating our life experience as a result. 

I have have studied many subjects academically in the areas of psychology, spirituality, spiritual psychotherapy and holistic medicine practices. I have a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Counselling, as well as being an experienced therapeutic yoga instructor CYA-E- RYT 250. Also, personal abilities that I have developed from a young age, which have proven to be useful in my professional work are my natural psychic ability, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, mediumship and reading the Tarot. 

I am author of two books on yoga & mindfulness, and emotional intelligence for children. As well, I have taught, and worked with kids and adults alike, in varying life circumstances, from eating disorders, anxiety and depression fertility challenges, to as far as cancer diagnosis.  

I have witnessed time and time again through my work with others, the correlations between belief, human habitual behaviour, human emotion, the function of the mind, and our perception of the physical circumstances we are living. 


My goal in creating The Mind Trip website, podcast, Karma TV and the blog is to through the work I have created for you, help you to understand the power you have to influence your life experience, by aligning with your true self, ultimately your Soul. I will help you harness your own potential by helping you rediscover your own power, and creative ability within, to learn to use it daily with focused, and deliberate intent. 

Life experience has proven to me that when you align the power of your body, mind and spirit, combined with an understanding of the Universal Laws, you can be, do and have anything you truly believe you can!


You are here now, born into this time and space for a reason. You were born to be the powerful creator that you are. Your spiritual growth, soul evolution and the expansion of consciousness depends on how aligned you are with the creative ability of your Soul. How you live, and the choices you make determine how you, and your Soul will grow and evolve as a result. 

There is no such thing as coincidence, you landed here on this page for a reason! You have read this far, so take a step further, walk with me now on this journey, and start living up to the full potential of who you really are. It is time for you to align with the true essence of you, so you can live to your fullest potential and actually BE YOUR DREAM! 

- With Love to You, Ashleigh XO 

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