Nothing speaks to self love like a goal does. I mean, having a goal and actually investing your time, energy and commitment into working on it means you love yourself enough to care about nurturing things you are passionate about, while feeling good about your personal sense of accomplishment. 

I was so inspired to created this free training for you, as there has never been a greater time for setting new personal goals as now!


In the training I have opened up and been brutally honest about my own experience of having my own goals taken from me this year, how the perfection syndrome has affected me from completing many of my own goals, and how I turned it around with a change of perspective to use my fear to drive me instead of holding me back. For example, I was once judged by a well known yoga establishment for teaching 'too advanced and too philosophical' yoga classes. Because I cared so much about being the most perfect, and the best yoga teacher, I allowed that judgement to shut me down. As a result I was afraid to teach yoga classes for several years, and only taught kids classes, fertility yoga, and privately as a result. It was a tragic in my eyes, but that was the past and this is now. 

This year has exposed us all to a new reality. One that is teeming with uncertainty and confusion. We have been moved out of our comfort zones into unfamiliar territory. We have witnessed familiar routines, plans, even day to day life unravel in front of our eyes beyond our control. As a result many of us are now living in a chronic state of fear, anxiety and even depression. In spite of the heaviness of the last few months, I am remain an optimist, and feel that this time can be an asset, even a gift to those who are ready to shift their perspective and look at life from a new and broader view.

I am interested in astronomy and my partner and I walk on clear nights by the ocean, tracking star constellations with a star tracker app on my phone. I was always able to see the star formations with my app, yet with my naked eye could not seem to make out the patterns and identify which constellation was what, until last night. I looked up into the sky and kept the whole sky in my gaze, instead of trying to hard to single out one aspect of it and there it was, clear as the night sky itself, the obvious constellations staring back at me. If only I had widened my perspective to a wider view I would have seen them all along! This reminded me of how many of us miss out on bigger picture perspectives that lead to opportunity when we insist on viewing life from one limited perspective.


T\We are in a time now where we really have no choice but to widen our view of our life, who we are and our potential. It is more empowering to look to the possibility that a new perspective can bring, instead of allowing yourself to be crippled by fear and feelings of helplessness while everything else seems out of control. You can take charge of your life and your direction by establishing new goals for yourself, even if they are small ones. Having a goal of your own helps you to root back into feelings of perspective, focus, purpose, passion, fulfillment and ultimately success in your life. You are certainly entitled to enjoy feeling this way. 


As a human being we thrive on ritualist behavior, and we feel secure in familiar situations. Establishing a daily routine can be done when you have goals. As you work toward accomplishing those goals each day, it establishes that ritual we so often depend upon to instill feelings of familiarity, safety, being grounded, and just that something we need to root our attention and intention rooted into. 

If what I am saying resonates with you and you are not ready to give up on yourself in 2020. If you are feeling hopeful about the possibility of setting some new goals for yourself today, right now then make sure you check out my free 'Goal Setter, Go Getter' training. 


This are the eleven main components of what is covered: 


1. Our brain wires itself from in routine. This is one of the ways that working toward a goal helps us grow and develop.  

2. A goal creates a point of focus that we can root into. It creates a sense of being grounded when everything else feels out of control. 

3. I am honest about how being a perfectionist sadly prevented me from fulfilling many my goals, and how it can affect you too. 

4, How society, the entertainment industry, and social media set an unrealistic, often unattainable standard of perfection which leads to feelings of failure before you even start to embark on your goals. 

5. How to create a goal when you have none, or even any idea where to begin. 

6. The simplicity of everyday goals.  

7. Goal setting from fashion to finance, fitness to water consumption, diet to appearance, and love to parenting and relationships.

8.Goal setting from a Soul perspective. The Soul needs a goal as it is in our spiritual nature to seek growth and personal expansion.  

9. Mistakes as the foundation of growth. They are essential and a fundamental part of it. 

10. The perfection syndrome. Identifying it as resistance and fear disguise, and how to redefine that fear to drive you in the attainment of your goals.  

11. Finally, how to set goals, stay accountable, remain committed and consistent in their completion.  

Are you ready to shift gears, and set a goal for your life today? You deserve it and are totally worth the effort! if you don't know where to begin or what to aim for don't worry, I've got your back! Sign up now to listen in to the free training and trust me, you will feel revived and pumped to get started working on investing YOU all over again! I'll see you inside!


Ashleigh xo 


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