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''My podcast 'The Mind Trip' is a journey into the landscapes of my own mind and inner thoughts and reflections. It is an opportunity for my inner voice to be heard outwardly, from my mind's eye view of all things metaphysical, mystical, spiritual and ultimately next level!  If you are ready to push the boundaries of thought, and take your power to create your reality to the next level then you have arrived at the right place, at the right time!"

- Ashleigh'

The Mind Trip #1 - 'I Surrender and Then Some'

What does it mean to surrender? Anyone with their five cents worth of knowledge from their spiritual reads, yoga classes, meditation classes and new age practices and will have heard the word 'surrender' over and over again, but what does it really mean? At a glance, it would appear that surrendering would be a contradiction of sorts if I have to give in to something while going after something I really want. This episode is a discussion on the essence of what it really means to surrender in light of wanting change, and how you can do so without giving over your power by giving in, giving up or giving out.

I Surrender and then someAshleigh Stewart
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The Mind Trip #2 - 'The Mind is Everything'

Check out my brand new podcast. This episode was inspired by a look at how my broken laptop triggered an unplanned for discussion on the subconscious mind. This incident had me thinking about the nature of the subconscious mind, and how our unconscious resistance can influence reality in ways we cannot measure, other than by witnessing the results that show up in our life, through our experiences and what happens in our environment.

The Mind is Everything is the first discussion of a new series of conversations I plan to have with you about the power of the subconscious mind, how we can dissect how it works, how it is programed, and how we can reprogram it to affect and influence the way we create our own reality in a deliberate and intentional way.

The Mind is EverythingAshleigh Stewart
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The Mind Trip #3 - Meditation to Mastery

Meditation to Mastery is a discussion about how you can access, harness and program the creative power of your mind through meditation. 

In this episode I discuss some of the common misconceptions about meditation, what it is and what the goal of meditation is. I also look at common challenges with cultivating an effective meditation practice, and how understanding the nature of the mind, and how we as human beings habitual in nature can overcome them.

Here I talk about how you can develop a simple, yet disciplined practice that will help you be more intentional and deliberate in your thinking. This is a power way to help you establish new energetic momentum in terms you creating, and living a life that is truly aligned with who you truly want to be, how you feel inspired to live, and the things you want to accomplish, in a life that is anchored in feelings of happiness and true appreciation.

Meditation to MasteryAshleigh Stewart
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The Mind Trip #4 - The Dark Side

The Dark Side is an continuation of episode #3's discussion on the function of the subconscious mind, how it influences your reality, and how it is programmed and reprogrammed. We also looked at how meditation is the superpower when it comes to consciously harnessing the mind's creative power. No conversation about the subconscious mind, and positive focus of the mind is complete without exploring the dark side of the mind.

In episode #4 I am talking about resistance, how it shows up, it's purpose in our expansion, and how we can shift our perspective of it to empower us and help propel us in the direction of conscious growth, transformation, change and evolution. 

We've all felt resistance. It has grabbed us, choked us, slowed us down, crippled us mentally, emotionally, sometimes even physically, and in most cases it has prevented us from moving forward toward the things we truly desire. 

Join me in in #4 The Dark Side in an honest look at the dark side of the mind, and at how I have experienced it both personally in my own life, and witnessed it professionally with my students from the viewpoint of being an observer, and a guiding light though it. Check it out!

The Dark SideAshleigh Stewart
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