A Winter's Release Meditation

There is a little bit of irony that is present during the holiday season. Typically we think of this time of the year as the busiest time, as we consider the hustle and hustle of the mall as we shop for gifts, our kitchens as we frantically prepare food for our families, and our days and nights are filled with places to be, parties to attend and dinners to gather at.

The irony I refer to here is that if you consider the actual season, winter, the characteristics of it, and the metaphysical symbolism behind what it means then you will quickly realize that our actions do not really reflect the essence of it.

Contrary to the busyness of the festivities, winter is a time for turning inward, hibernation, rest, rejuvenation, letting go, to release.

I know that not everyone is metaphysically inclined, but there is a natural influence of season and how it affects us. In winter there is a pull to stay in, go within, warm up, and rest more.

Consider the natural characteristics of the season, shorter days, less light, longer darker nights, and colder air. Nature is almost forcing us to retreat inward under these circumstances!

Think of the trees now. They shed, they let go, they release their leaves, baring themselves completely, letting go of all that they once were, ready to be reborn a new in the coming spring, remerging with spouts of new life.

Now, think about what abundance means to you, and consider this, abundance is not just about what you are getting. Think about how letting go is also a really important part of being able to allow abundance into your life. Letting go is a really important part of the creative process of manifestation, because there is a need to create space for the emergence of what is to be born anew.

Meditation Exercise

Take a moment now to close your eyes, inhale deeply, and visualize an image of a tree in winter.

Imagine the tree is being blown by a cold wintery wind. See the tree in your mind, shedding its leaves, releasing them into the windy breeze with love and acceptance.

Think of yourself as a tree now. Consider your own life. What are you ready to let go of? What are some of the things that you could shed? What are you ready to release with love to create space for new life to emerge?

It could be something as simple as the need to attend that holiday dinner party this year that you have been dreading, or letting go of some of the holiday duties you typically engage in, like baking a hundred cookies! Perhaps you could let go a little by delegating some holiday gift wrapping tasks to some other family members? Maybe this year you will be like me, letting go of the obligation to give everyone a gift and choosing to instead spend more precious quality time. In in the end it is the people that you care about more than the gift, right?

Perhaps you might need a deeper reflection on your life as a whole and feel that maybe in the coming of the New Year, it is time to shed an outworn job, friendship or relationship that is no longer serving you.

After a few moments of considering the things you are willing to let go of, repeat mentally or out loud to yourself the following words.

“I now release…(whatever it is you are releasing)….with love and acceptance, ready to create space for my life anew to emerge.”

Feel a letting go in your mind and heart, as a sense of lightness, weightlessness and newness washes over you. Bask in these feelings of lightness for a few moments and when you are ready, you can take in a deep breath and open your eyes.

This is a mini meditation that is as effective, as it is impactful in your life. Engaging in small meditations like this one helps you to prepare your subconscious landscape to let go of the old, ready to embrace new experiences into your life. The mind does not differentiate between what is real and what is not real, it just sees what is focused there. So when you hold a vision in your mind, along with a feeling in your heart the subconscious mind registers this as the new reality. So long as you do not come back and start focusing again on what is old, and being let go of, the integration of the new experience in your mind can begin and it will soon begin to manifest into your actual life experience. This is how you can harness and use your creative power of your mind to its greatest potential.

Do not be afraid to let go of what is unwanted, allow the new to emerge. That is what is life is about. It is evident in the natural changing of the seasons. Allow winter to be all that is should be for you this holiday season. Allow yourself the time you need to rest, relax, turn in, rejuvenate and to release, ready to remerge in the New Year as a new you.

Try out my guided Winter's release Meditation below.

Until next time, don’t forget to be realistic and daydream often.

Om Namaste

Ashleigh XO

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