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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Like most other people I have endured my fair share of struggle in my life. Also, like most others I too have felt victimized and I often wondered 'why me?' Yet now, as a woman, having travelled along many paths, and over many mountains (literally and figuratively), I finally accept that my struggle has been the greatest gift, turning my search for love, acceptance, recognition and validation inwards, back toward myself.

The suffering brought me to an authentic and deep understanding of the human condition, and how we function mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to add though that, in spite of what I am saying, you certainly do not have to have had many struggles to have a rewarding life. It's just in my case, I have grown to understand that my soul has chosen this path for me. It has been my destiny so that I could firstly understand the human condition and learn from it first hand. Secondly, so that the deep pain would drive me so hard toward understanding and finding the light and alignment within myself. Thirdly, so I can turn that around and share it to help others too, not just from a place of theory with all the studying I have done, but with truth and authenticity from experiencing it all in the life I have lived.

I have great understanding of how to dissect suffering and pain, and to transform it into a force for transformation, healing and total wellbeing and alignment. It's my desire, my drive, my passion and my purpose to share what I know with you. To help you through your struggle, to see the light within yourself, and for you to not only think, but to believe you can become the person you dream of becoming in a life you dream of living.

As I said, it is one thing to study these things in school, in books and have all the knowledge in theory, of which I do have in plenty. However, it is quite another to have lived through it, and to embody the knowledge you teach. I know that I am a living example of that. Not just in terms of manifesting physical things in my life, but in terms of understanding the mind and emotion, and how they are fundamental aspects of how we create our own human experience. This understanding is the basis of my work now.

Everyone and their dog these days is promoting the law of attraction by one way or another. I am not surprised about it either, given the rate that our conscious awareness, and the longing we have collectively to step into our own power, to harness it and use it deliberately for benefit and gain, as we aspire for more and more, and better and better in our evolving world grows Everyone is teaching it for material gain, and that is all very well, but who even considered using the law of attraction to help manifest better mental and emotional health? How many have thought of it in terms of manifesting a healthy and balanced physical state? How many people have thought about how they can use it to attract and develop a better emotional state within themselves? Most people are preoccupied with money, millions, cars, homes, stuff and material aspects of wealth. How many people think about how they can use it in healing. I have to say that it is in the area of healing that is where the law of attraction is most misunderstood, and how we approach healing is actually so backward. I'll talk about this more in depth in my podcast and other blogs later.

I want to teach the law of attraction from the basis of where it begins to work, with your thoughts. Your emotions are powerful guidance tools to help direct you as you navigate your path (life), and are strong indicators of whether you are headed toward the manifestation of the things you desire, or if you are not. It's that simple. If you cultivate a happy mental and emotional state, the attraction of material wealth and all the other things is easy when we just concerned ourselves with our own wellbeing, and cultivating a truly happy state first.

The law of attraction is always working in response to our words, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and choices, and even when you are not choosing you are choosing. It is the most important law in terms of how creation occurs, and in terms of how our thoughts and emotions are manifesting from our soul as guidance, leading us toward greater healing, alignment and to our physical outward desires coming to life. I know not everyone will understand this, and that many are not ready to hear it. I know and accept that many might think this is crazy, or weird and way out there, and that is fine, and if you take anything away from a word I have written, then at least take this advice. No matter what, try to find your happiness first and all other things will fall into place as you get into alignment with your joy.

Cultivating true alignment is a process, a peeling back, an emergence, a shedding of patterns, beliefs conditioning a willingness to face the deep pains, the deep wounds, to feel the shame, the blame, the hurt, and to let it all go with the burning desire and willingness to see life for what it really is, something to love. All the pain is a gift that will create the drive in you to find inner happiness and peace, and the desire to align with who you truly are, a magnificent soul in your human experience. An energetic being. You are so much more that who you feel you are today. Let it out. This is a journey though, and it all begins with you not only wanting or feeling worthy, but an actual becoming of self worth, because it is a total state of being, it is not just something you do, or feel on a whim here and there. It is a lifestyle based in inner soul alignment.

I have spent my life looking for recognition outside myself, wanting to feel worthy of being me based on other peoples approval and validation, yet from here and now, hear my words, the words from my soul, because they come from a place of true alignment. Feel what I say with your heart, you do not need to seek worthiness from ANYONE, because it worth is already in you. You were born worthy, it the essence of who you really are. Don't let your head rule how you receive this, and if you are reading this now then you have been inspired and guided here for a reason. You attracted it, and some part of you has aligned with what I am saying. Maybe it is time for you to turn inward, to face your shadows, the blackness and take it for what it is, a gift that contains all the colors, a glimpse of the beaming light within you.

I have done plenty of field research in the area of self worth, and after all I have grown to realize that self worth is not something, huge, obscure or unattainable. It's not even something you need to work hard or strive to hold on to when you feel it for real. Opportunities to hold true to your self worth are there in the small everyday choices and actions you take, and in holding fast to your integrity in your everyday relations with others, while always giving yourself the recognition and approval that you are looking for.

Society doesn't teach us to value ourselves first, and to truly to see our own worth. On the contrary, it is often considered selfish, or arrogant or egotistical. But when is true self worth separate from egoism? Egoism is a state of being that is based in fear, from a need to be seen, recognized, respected and acknowledged by others. It comes from the need for a false sense of power outside of oneself. True self worth is seated in love, from the place of knowing and being your true self, and feeling so convinced about it that there is no need to try to force, push, prove or demand the recognition you seek from others, because you are simply giving it to yourself first.

Life is full of choices, choose YOU first! Embrace your shadow. Embrace your darkness. Embrace your fear, for it will lead you through your pain and into your Light, toward alignment and the connection with your Soul. This is where your true love and joy resides. As Rumi said "It is through the wound, that the Light enters you"

If you are ready to face your own shadows for what they are, guidance, then follow them into the Light of who you really are and start turning your life around, then it's about time you check out my program 'It's My Life!' Break Every Unspoken Rule, and Start Winning at Your Own Game Right Now! A Unique Metaphysical Counselling Program with me, Dr. Ashleigh Stewart

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I will leave you with that opportunity for transformation and ascension, and can't wait to hear from you!

Until then....

Don't forget to be realistic, daydream often

With love, Ashleigh XO

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