How Does Fear Dominate your Life?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Sometimes the subconscious mind keeps us stuck in a state of fear which holds us back from running in the direction of our dreams. It prevents us from accomplishing our goals by masquerading behind thoughts/feelings/decisions that seem to be based on logic, reason, rational thinking, risk aversion.....think, 'Why take a chance?' 'Is the grass really greener?' 'What if i'm too old!', 'What if I fail?' and the dreaded 'What will they say?".....It almost seems like our fears are trying to guard us, protecting us from something, but from what really?.....Maybe it's time to find out!

What I can say from experience is that choosing a life that seems comfortable in spite of dissatisfaction, because it seems easier than going through the initial discomfort that comes with change, growth, transformation and expansion of your life is a cop out. It is honestly a waste! I too used to fear change, but now my greatest fear has become being submissive to the cop out....and trust me I have been there again and again!

Consider your own life now, take an honest account of where you're at, what you do and who you do it with, and ask yourself if you are REALLY SATISFIED, or are you still there because it's comfortable, familiar, predictable, safe? You will know satisfaction by the way you feel, for example:

You wake up optimistic about the day

You feel a sense of purpose is the job you do

You feel fulfilled and appreciated for who you are

Your relationships feel joyful and expansive

You genuinely feel happy for no specific reason

You love what you do

Your job feels like a natural extension of your creativity

You feel rich, wealthy and abundant in all ways (a natural outcome of true satisfaction)

You feel like you are living to your full potential, with room for more

You feel alive

There are no 'what if's'

You feel healthy, fit and energetic in your body and mind

You are not worried about running out of time, or getting old

You are not waiting till retirement to truly live and enjoy freedom

....I could go on and on!

If you are less than satisfied.....and even without a look at the list above, you will know based on how you feel each day as you go about your business.....then ask yourself what it is you are really afraid of? Why do you hold yourself back? Is it fear of not feeling worthy enough, good, enough, capable enough? Is it fear of not deservedness? Or do you just not trust that life has the wherewithal to bring you up to speed with the kind of life you desire? Do you even believe that you can be, do, or have more or who you truly wish to be in the life you truly wish to live?

Ask yourself again, are you allowing your life to be dominated by your fear, or if you are dominating it? It's not an easy question to ask yourself, I know, but walking the path toward your bliss is worth temporary pain of the stretch and release into what brings you truly to life. This temporary adjustment is far easier than spending a life half lived, settling for comfort in discomfort, and wondering why things never seem to change for you.

So how does fear dominate you? Ask yourself this question and take an honest inventory of you, your life, your thoughts and write out a list in your journal of how you think fear dominates you. How you allow it, and what simple ways you can start to make changes toward evolving out of your fears? For fear of putting myself out there with my soul work, my truth and my message has been has influenced me in a negative way for years. My passion and purpose was on the backburner for so long, even though I have known it is my true alignment and purpose since I was very young.

I allowed fear to dominate my decisions and actions, therefore MY LIFE, because I was worried people would be scared of who I really was. I was worried they'd think I was weird or crazy, and worse OFFENDED by me and my work gasssp! So everytime I felt my hearts urge to write or speak my message resistance would creep in and always find a way to prevent me from doing my work. I'd get tired, need a nap, get busy with chores, decided I needed to go for a walk to reflect (So many walks LOL) and all kinds of countless others ways to distract myself.

The worst of it all was that I hid behind a job that I knew never really made my heart sing, yet it paid the bills, so I settled for that as being okay. I convinced myself that I was fine, and that I was happy, satisfied and lucky. I celebrated the fact that I was 'set'! It all seemed too easy to be true in fact, yet that was until the novelty quickly wore off, and the dissatisfaction set in and I started to feel anxious, resentful, miserable, bitter.......eventually depressed.

My life spiralled as I took it out of everyone else, blaming them for my misery. I felt like a victim, and because fear had such a grip on me, I could not see beyond it. Fear dominated my life because I allowed it to. It was the manifestation of my lack of courage to step into my own power, my purpose, my truth and the essence of who I really was because I knew I was just so different to everyone else. I was scared because I simply wanted to be accepted, and so buried most of who I was, and what I truly needed to express away so I could just please the others. This is such a sad story that I bet many of you can relate to in so many areas of your life, am I right?

So how did I make the change? Well it wasn't easy at first, and I won't sugar coat it either! There was a great deal of discomfort and misery that forced me to make the decision to do it. The actual change itself came when I started to make steps forward in trust, instead of allowing myself be lead by fear. I felt like I had nothing to lose and slowly started to focus on my true goals, the things that filled me with purpose and fueled my creativity. I prioritized this and started to take action to move in the direction of it. I prayed for my passion to be rekindled, and slowly the thread of guidance revealed itself to me.

I faced my fears and I slayed them, although oftentimes it felt like they were slaying me as the resistance reared it's ugly head again and again. There were tears yes...a whole lot of them along with with it, but no matter how much I was knocked down, I just kept getting up. No matter how weak and uncertain I felt. At the end of the day you just have to ask yourself one question, how much does your life mean to you?

I kept going and now here I am today writing this for you, inspired by my soul flow and purpose, to help you shed a light on your fears so you can step into your passion, power and purpose. It is time to start aligning with the life you were born to live, instead of the half assed one you are settling in for. Those may be harsh words, yes, but sorry, i'm not sorry! In the world of how resistance plays its, and the way the sneaky subconscious mind tricks you into resenting the things you know you really want, and the people who reflect it back to you, I know EXACTLY how to play the game, all the tricks, and all the ways you will fall for it too. I am an expert!

One of the first lessons I learnt when I started on a journey in learning about spiritual healing in my very early twenties is that all healing begins by addressing fear at it's root, and it is going to be pretty? You can be sure it's not! If it wasn't painful, then it probably would not be something that required healing. it's pretty simple logic. The thing would never be be in issue for you if it wasn't rooted in pain.

In actuality most healing of the mind requires a harsh word or two, because stroking the mane of this big cat just ain't gonna cut it. It's do or die here baby, literally and have a choice, step into your power, or watch your soul fade away into the background of your life, into a mere shadow of what you could have become if only you stepped into your your full blown potential.

The words I am writing here are truly from a place of compassion. I know that most people usually think that being compassionate is more about standing by you, supporting you in your fear and as you experience pain...basically feeling sorry for you and again, stroking the mane of the big cat I mentioned before.....almost like a "there there, I feel for you, i'm sorry for you!" Its ok to feel that way and be there to feel for others through their pain, but it is totally not okay to keep nurturing it. it is disempowering to you influencing them to step into their true potential and power. You have to flip the script on it, rip the bandaid off so to speak.

Honestly nurturing the old pain is not going to help anyone. I know this because I have been there and my work is in unconditional love, and as the guide and the bearer of the message, that often means being the tough gal, the one to stand up and say what needs to be said to inspire new thought, expansion, growth, healing and evolution to take place. My job is to stir up inspiration, help you expose, understand and release your fears, rekindle your buried passion and to create space for true healing to begin when a light has been shone on all that has been allowed to hold you back.

The big cat needs to be exposed, acknowledged, accepted, then released, and that is never easy to hear or feel or do. However, you are not alone and it is my job as part of my purpose to guide you through it you choose to work with is ultimately who I am in essence, and this is my way of expressing unconditional, and ultimately Universal love to you.

I know not everyone will like this, not everyone will get it, and some with not like me.. Ultimately that doesn't matter to me, and none of my work was ever intended to align with everyone. What does matter though is that the ones who do resonate with what I am saying, if you feel inspired to follow the thread of more, going deeper, then follow that spark and let it guide you to more, to become more, to discover more and to expand more into the alignment with who you really are inside. This is my passion and purpose to help guide you toward that. Its time, enough is enough already, and if you feel inspired to more then check out my brand new one on one mentoring program.

It's enough with the sob story, it's time to play another record! Say goodbye to poor me, and turn the page for a new chapter. In fact, no it's time to burn that book baby! Say goodbye to the tired old you and say hello to the new and improved, upgraded version of you! The one you were always born to become.  It's time to say 'It's My Life!', break every unspoken rule and start winning at your own game right now!  Now is the time to shut your fear the f#ck up!  Crush resistance in its path Rewrite your story Edit the script Turn the page...No, burn the book damn it!   Say goodbye to all you once were and hello to the REAL you, the SOUL of you!  Upgrade the program, and say yes to the you that has always been burning inside  It's your life and it is time to say 'YES!' to: Success Abundance Flow  Supreme surrender  Trust  Re-coding your old program  Slaying your limiting self beliefs  Health  Wealth  Happiness  Love  Success 

Everything and anything you want can be yours if you choose it, accept it and allow it!  ​It's time to declare 'It's my life' and spend 12 weeks of tough love with me. Together we will let go into supreme surrender, trust, alignment and Soul flow. We will be shaking things off, waking things up, and aligning with the most powerful energy in your Universe.....YOU!  ​You have the power  You were born with it It's in you It is you It's your birthright to step into it now Claim who you really are and say 'It's my life' and start really living it  

If you can relate to any of the above then enough is enough, this program is for you!

If you feel inspired to getting more out of life and are intrigued by the opportunity to work with me in this amazing new one on one mentoring program book your FREE 60 minute breakthrough call with me now, and let's see how we can make this happen for you! I can't wait to get started with you!

Until next time, don't forget to be realistic and daydream often!

Ashleigh xo

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