Effortless Abundance is Available Now.....

Abundance flows to you when you attention is upon it, so if you are not focused on abundance, and are focused on the lack of it, guess what flows to you...yes more of not that much! Abundance is never obscured from you, you just have to attune to it, and you do that by really honing in on that which already makes you feel satisfied, abundant, rich, wealthy and fulfilled in your life already.

Most people who know me have always wondered why I am so 'lucky'. They have always said things like 'Do you have a horseshoe stuck up your ass?' You are so lucky, you are so abundant, things always work out for you, you seem to be so rich, you seem to be magic, why is your body like that, so perfect, why do you look so young for your age, you always seem to get what you want, are you you a witch? I know this sounds rather braggy to someone who is standing on the edge of wanting the things they want, become the person they want to, yet feeling like it is always just out of reach, but guess what, it never really is!...That's just all in your mind. Literally.

The reason I have all of the things I want, the body and health, and the freedom that I do is because I literally just decided that that was my standard, I wanted that and nothing less would ever do. I continue to expand into more and more because I have simply decided that this is what I am, I am alive so it better be the best, and that I am worthy and deserving of no less.

Also, I can truthfully I can say that enduring a fair amount of struggle, okay A LOT of struggle in my life has put me into a mental and emotional attitude of f#ck this, I am here, I have been through all this so I am not settling for anything less that what I want fully and completely, and I am certainly not afraid to ask for it. That's the beauty and the drive of struggle in life, if only you can move past it you can certainly use it to drive your desires harder and faster toward what it is you truly want.

None of this has ever been simply down to luck for me, although the unaware, younger version of myself used to believe it was on the surface, while deep inside I knew there was more at play here, a larger unfolding into a deeper sense of awareness of who I was, my power, my guidance, and the energy, things and people that always seemed to flow in at just the right time to move me from one place or situation to the other with ease.

After years of study, reflection, trial and error, relentless curiosity, self inquiry and practice, I can now see and accept that everything comes because I am a powerful creator, I always have been, often by default, and things for the most part worked out, even when they didn't they were somehow still working out. The difference now is that I am not only a powerful creator, but I am a focused and deliberate one. You can be too.

You are all of these things too. I am the way I am not because I am different or special, no. It is just that I seem to have been born into a life that has done nothing short of inspired me to curiosity for as long as I can remember, and I genuinely feel that my purpose is to help awaken the same realisation of the creative power that is latent in you.

I used to lie in bed and think what is this all about, why are we here, how does our mind work and why do we have thoughts, what would happen if we stopped thinking? The thing is we all have this creative power that starts with the thoughts we think. This power is at the seat of who we are in essence. The funny thing is that we are all creating our lives by default using the very same power every single day, but the majority of us are unaware of it. Imagine what you could do with you and your life if you knew how to harness that power and make it work for you. Nothing much of how you function would be different, deliberate focus just requires that you peel back the layers of programming and beliefs you have inherited all through your life that holds you apart from it, and then learn how to use your mind to focus a bit differently, while listening to your emotions to guide you toward that which you want or do not want. That's all.

The only trouble with this is we have bought into the idea that nothing comes easily, nothing is for free, everything should be a struggle for it to mean something, for it to have weight or essence or any kind of meaning in life. I know that because I once believed it too. I was the ultimate queen of struggle, striving and strife.

We have also bought into the idea that we do not deserve to have the things we want, and they will always be on this pedestal quite out of reach. We think we are not good enough for it, or we haven't worked hard enough to achieve it, and worst of all, maybe we do not trust ourselves enough to handle and maintain all of the good that could come if only we allowed ourselves to receive it. This to me is such a sad story. But all is not lost, part of the beauty of all of this is that the light on the other side of all of this is so much brighter when you do suddenly line up with your flow of abundance after struggling and pinching it off for so long. Somehow you appreciate it more, and life and all of the things in it seem to much brighter and valuable.

Manifestations/creation/abundance whatever you want to call it can and will come with focused intent, however there is still another job you have to do, you have to let it in, so how do you do that exactly?

Well, you have to line up your energies to match the vibe of all of the things that you want to let in, and you do this first by changing your inner landscape to one of which will not obscure the flow of good coming toward you.

Manifestations will start to unfold when you line up with feelings of:




Self love

Deservedness (is that even a word?...It is now!)

Willingness to change your life

Letting go of the victim mentality

No longer playing the martyr

Not giving a hoot about what anyone else thinks about what you do, have or accomplish, I mean ANYONE, no matter who it is, the need for approval has to go!

Feelings of guilt for having more than the others

Receptivity and letting go into flow, surrender and deep rooted unwavering trust

You have to feel as if you already are/have the thing you want. This makes perfect sense in a Universe of attraction where like attracts like.

Lastly, you have to let it all go and feel great right where you are now

Your thoughts, words and actions then have to match all of the above. This is the start of you tuning to who you really are as a powerful creative manifestor. You CAN do it. You were BORN to do it, and live a life that is constantly evolving, growing, flowing and unfolding into more and more prosperity, abundance, happiness and purpose. It is your birthright, and is waiting for you to just say yes and let it all in. You can do it, and I can help you.

If you are ready to let go of the tired old story and want to start living fully, truly, relentlessly and completely in alignment with all of who you are, and all you can be then check out my new signature new program 'It's My Life! - Break Every Unspoken Rule, and Start Winning at Your Own Game Right Now!'TM

If you are interested and want to know more about what the program is, and what it involves, what you will get, and what the results will be then make sure you sign up for your FREE 'It's My Life' breakthrough call with me to see if you are a fit for this program.

All I have to say now is that are alive now, and that is enough criteria to want nothing less than the best of what it is you truly desire, think about it!

Until next time, don't forget to be realistic and daydream often.

With love,


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