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Most people automatically equate success with the amount of dollars that have landed in their bank account after their day/week/month/lifetime of work. I argue though that success is less about the sum of money you have, and more about how much freedom you are living, while still spending your time living the life you truly desire and love.

Society and social media continue to set higher and higher standards on what it means to be 'successful', shoving it down our throats minute by minute, day by day, that the aspiration of wealth is THE goal, and how much of it we attain is the measuring point of our success. How many people in that rat race though are really happy? Are they truly fulfilled, truly satisfied, and are they brimming filled with a sense of fulfillment of purpose? How much of what they aspire to is for appearances sake? How much of it is purely for outward gain, recognition, applause, attainment of status, for admiration and for the envy of others?

I have grown to learn that the accumulation of money does not automatically equal alignment with Soul, with self and a true sense of purpose and happiness, the attainment of freedom though does. You might argue here saying, asking "doesn't money bring freedom though? Not necessarily, I have known people who are really really rich,and really really miserable and trapped to boot. So my answer to that is a resounding NO!

You are not free if your sense of worth comes from a constant need for approval from others.

You are not free if your sense of being successful comes from merely ticking the check mark in the box of wealth standards set out by society, and in the gain of other peoples admiration, recognition and applause.

Yes, these things sure can make you feel free, invincible and like a champion, but what happens if it all goes away? Then what? Making your sense of happiness and success based purely on the gain of external factors is conditional and a sure fire way to get you off on a path that could just end up leading in misery unless you have established your security, happiness and sense of happiness and freedom from within. True freedom comes from alignment with self, with soul and unconditional freedom and happiness can and will only ever come when you align with who you are, with your soul and purpose first.

Don't misunderstand me with what I am saying, I am NOT a money hater. In fact, I really do enjoy having money, and dealing with it and I am not shy about it either! I have spent a decade of my life working in several different roles in the financial industry, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time having my hand in the 'money pot' I am also NOT a broke person trying to make excuses to soothe myself for my lack of financial success all because I am neither broke, nor financially 'unsuccessful'. I am just speaking from observation of my own life, my decade of work in the financial industry and of course as a metaphysician with a bit of a different understanding of what really drives us from the soul of who we are, as opposed to what society tells us to be.....and lastly from a whole lot of life experience thrown into the mix!

I may not have the millions that most aspire for, but I do have A LOT, and my wealth and freedom has come from me choosing to align with my values first. I choose my passion, my purpose and what I love. I made it a priority above all else, without compromise or negotiation and the dollars have flowed to me to support, fill in and complete that intention.

I speak how I speak because I am debt free, mortgage free, car payment free and literally just free. I am not against any of these things by all means, but what I am against is living a life you hate, spending every day at a job you hate for example out of obligation to those bills, to provide the car to get you to that job each day, and to pay for the home you only look forward to spending two of your seven days a week in. Does it makes sense? Not to me.

I feel free because if I wanted to I could literally just pack it all in, and head of in pursuit of something else and follow my bliss...but I won't because I am already doing that. You can too.

I am saying all of this because I believe that our idea of what wealth means is flawed, as are the ideals that we chase. I have grown to trust that when you align with your freedom, love, purpose and passion first then the money to support you will find its way.

I know I make it all sound so easy, but trust me for me it was not. I was absolutely terrified of turning away from the security and predictability I had. At first I was willing to sell myself out for the stability of the paycheck, and the status and the prestige of getting a title......then before long, the pain of the lack of fulfillment set in the fear of living a life that was not aligned with my true goals, in a life that didn't allow of the expression of the creativity that oozes out of me when I am being who I truly am was unbearable, and so I let it all go. There was nothing really wrong with where I was, but it was just not for me. I don't think there is any good or bad situation in any case, but if it is not aligned with you, and you are miserable because of it then that is what my definition of being in a 'bad place' would be.

I know if any of us could right now we would say 'to hell with it all!' and jet set off to a caribbean island right away and never come back. We know that is not a feasible goal for most, but what you CAN DO TODAY is sit down, take a few deep breaths and really be willing to take stock of your life, where you are at, and ask yourself if you are TRULY HAPPY.

Make a list of the things that do make you feel truly happy, then make a list of what doesn't. Now make a list of what it is you really desire, and begin to start getting into a mindset of believing that you can slowly work toward change and making your dreams come true, and start creating workable goals to get there.

Make your passion your priority and see how the Universe shifts to make that a priority too. You will see how your life changes, and if you are truly serious and open to it, you will receive guidance in the form of new ideas and impulses that will take you off in the direction of your new path, The more you believe, and trust in the possibility that change can happen for you, the faster it CAN and WILL happen.

If you are ready to go all in though, and you are at point of saying enough is enough, and you are ready for a complete lifestyle overhaul yet have no idea where to begin you can check out my brand new program

'It's My Life!' Break Every Unspoken Rule and Start Winning at your Own Game Right Now! because I am here for you, and ready, willing and able to support you all the way. I am REALLY good at what I do.

If you can relate to any, or all of what I written above then enough is enough, the program is for you! My specialized program teaches, and guides you to principles that you can apply to any and all areas of your life that need revival. Be it financial, relationships, career, and even parenting, the principles you will be learning can and will align you with any and all of your desires.

The specialized mentorship features one on one, peer to peer, and group mentorship coaching, combined with a unique twist on yoga instruction and metaphysical counseling. 


Ignite your inner fire by tapping into the creative potential within you. During this program, you will learn to recognize, unleash, and harness that dynamic energy. You will channel it into manifesting your heart’s desire, while we explore deeper self-awareness, and a more spiritual understanding of your higher self, and Soul purpose in life. 

During the program, you will learn how to dig down deep, and get to know yourself on a deeper and more authentic level than ever before! You will learn how to allow the pure stream of your own creative energy to flow through you and out into your life experience, unhindered by emotional blockages, limiting self-beliefs and the need to please others.

Just wait till you see what you CAN manifest!

Together we will create powerful intentions that will help you get the result you are dreaming of. Here’s what the system gives you:

  1. Explore your core beliefs around your life, success, happiness, worthiness and purpose 

  2. Expose your blockages 

  3. Understand and release the pain, blame, trauma and shame

  4. Understand, harness and unless your true inner power to create the life you were born to live

  5. Rewrite your life story 

  6. Transform into best version of you for you first

  7. Create your dreams and desires into life without fail 

  8. Allow your dreams, desires, purpose to unfold  

  9. Celebrate ‘Yay you did it!’ 

​What you will gain: 

​​​A deeper sense of self-awareness, clearer boundaries and clear knowledge of your needs, wants and desires, and how to attain them in a healthy, balanced way

A deep sense of self trust, love and appreciation for your life and YOU!

A renewed sense of authentic and lasting happiness

A sense of purpose and true fulfillment in your life

A surge of energy and vitality

A deeper sense of authenticity in relationships, and connections with others

An improvement in feelings of health and well being


This unique program is open to people who are ready to truly transform their lives! Are you ready?

If you have read this far, and YOU JUST KNOW that is mentorship program is aligned and ready FOR YOU, then to honour your commitment to YOU and YOUR LIFE,  I am offering a gift from me to you. Schedule your free 60 minute 'It's My Life' breakthrough call with me by clicking this link

I can't wait to us to get started!

Until next time, don't forget to be realistic, and daydream often. That is the beginning of all your dreams coming to life!

Ashleigh xo

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