How Does a Planner Go with the Flow?

The financial world taught me that I should plan ahead, while the metaphysical one showed me that life exists only in the powerful now. The earthy, grounded capricorn in me loves a well planned, methodical and structured approach to my life and the achievement of my goals, while the watery, flowy intuitive cancerian side (based on my astrological chart both are equally balanced and influential to my nature) loves flowing in the now, trusting and being in a mode of receptivity, and allowing this to be be without all the fuss of methodical planning. The inner tug of war between the two, equally dominant sides of my nature makes for some inner conflict and struggle worth some discussion, and so what's a girl like me to do?

After a lot of reflection, consideration, trial, error and practice, I have concluded that the best approach to this is to merge both worlds together, to bring balance, harmony and a unification of both forces that exist not only within me, but in our world at large. To be honest, each of these forces trigger characteristics in is all that are governed by either the male of female energies that create the duality in our world. It is the masculine that rules the more physical, rational, logical, structured, disciplined, methodical and strategic part of out world, while the feminine part represents the energetic, flowy, intuitive, allowing, receptive, trusting in the unseen, nurturing and emotional part.

The trust and emotional element comes into play here because it is only when you surrender to complete trust that you can get in the unseen flow, and allow that which is in your energetic grid to flow into your physical experience effortlessly with ease.

Trust is a state of being which allows us to take a step back and allow things to flow, while creating strategies, plans and following a carefully laid out structure or method, are all ways in which we prepare our minds and bodies for the actions we will outwardly partake in to produce the things to come into being through will and effort. Both bring the same results yes, one state requires effort though, l while one requires ease.

I think that both states of being are important because they represent both sides of our nature. In one hand we are three dimensional, physical, action oriented beings, while on the other we are non physical and spiritual in nature, and energetically, emotionally and intuitively oriented too. Both sides of our nature are equally as important and the world has space to nurture both, and we are living in a 3D reality after all, functioning mainly from our physical senses, so it is normal that we are so action oriented and influenced largely by the force of our will.

The trouble with that though is though while we are so dominated by the masculine and action oriented part of us, we are really turning back from some our our greatest power that comes from sitting back, releasing the plans, trusting in a greater power above our own, and allowing the universal forces to sweep in and bring into our experience that which we truly desire effortlessly and without resistance, be it money, a lover, a car, a job, a child, a home a vacation, a different bodily state, whatever it is......

You can only truly get into this state of allowing when you really are centred in the now. Of course you can dream about what you want to achieve in future, but while the larger part of your focus today is in giving all your attention to what is coming tomorrow, you will never really enjoy your life being centred in the moment that exists right now. Now ultimately is all you truly have....everything else is just a dream, an idea, an illusion.

My point is that today counts just as much as all the tomorrows you are working for, saving for, striving for a earning for. Follow your bliss today, regardless of what it is you are dreaming about tomorrow and when you can allow yourself to just be, and bask in an authentic state of joy, happiness, satisfaction and most of all appreciation for what you have in your hand right now, you can be sure that the law of attraction will swiftly hone in on that vibe, and bring you more of that. It is because in those states you have have shifted the energetic vibe you are offering from one of a plan of something you haven't quite made yet, something incomplete and unattained, to one of complete satisfaction in the attainment of what you have today and your satisfaction will grow and grow. When you are able to bask in complete unconditional satisfaction, the flow will just keep bringing you more and more things to experience that you will be appreciative of. That is Universal law of attraction at its best, and it all starts with you. Your point of power only ever lies in this moment, not when you finally reach your destination, or achieve the result of the plan you have for your happy future.

Be here now, and make the most of every moment. I am not saying to NOT have a plan, trust me I love me a great plan! You are reading the words of someone who currently has at least six different planners going on right now haha! What I am saying is have a plan, create your plan, write it out, set your intention, but then then let it go, trust and let yourself just be in the now and watch the flow send you guidance of how to reach that plan in the form of impulses, ideas, thoughts and synchronicities to make it happen. This is how you can make your plan work with ease and flow instead of the struggle and sacrifice that we so often equate with success. Let yourself merge with flow,while keeping in mind that you cannot do that with a mind that is centred in the future. You can only ever truly be in the NOW to be able to fully receive the guidance being offered to you, and then you will know when you are acting from that inspired guidance because it will not be a struggle, it will work out with ease and you feel happy and relaxed along they way.

If you have a really active mind and find it hard to let go of obsessing over the future, you can always try meditation to help you quieten your mind and centre into the moment. Meditation truly is the best way to let yourself get into the flow and settle into a mode of being receptive to the guidance of the Universe and your own Soul. If you are interested in learning more about meditation and how to incorporate into your own daily life then check out my course 'Meditation Minutes'. The techniques I teach here are suitable for all levels, and the lessons are designed to be self study, so that you can work at your own pace. Each meditation exercise only requires about 10 to 15 minutes of your time a day. You will learn how to relax your mind as you focus your attention upon your breath, and in the present moment so that a natural turning inward begins and the natural practice of meditation will effortlessly occur as a result.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will begin to experience shifts in your life, health and wellness as a result of meditation.

The meditations covered in Meditation Minutes are:​

  1. The Sufi Mothers Breath Meditation

  2. The Complete Breath Meditation

  3. The Inner Spirit Meditation

  4. The Firefly Meditation

  5. The Yogi’s Meditation

  6. The Body, Mind & Spirit Meditation of Intent

  7. The ‘I Am’ Resting Meditation

​You have so much power and potential that you can tap into when you begin the practice of meditation. Whether it is just to help you calm your mind, or to seek some guidance from your inner spirit, meditation can ignite your true non-physical abilities, and to give light to your innate creative power.

Meditation can heighten your awareness and help you begin molding your life the way you want it to be as you grow into your power. You can live a life of presence, ease, joy, fun, happiness and inner peace, and it all begins here with a turning inward. You can begin learning to do that here in this course. I sincerely hope that it impacts you in a positive way. 

Click here for more information and to get started with the course

With love, and don't forget to be realistic & daydream often! 

Ashleigh xo 

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