How My Fear Taught Me To Live

Like most people, yes my life has had it's tragedies, some small, some massive and although they hurt, they stung, they bruised, they knocked me down, but what do can you do? You can sink, or you can get right back up!

Yes, I have had my trials, I may have been a victim of people, of circumstance, of life, of my own choices, but would I trade in one miserable moment? No, never, not. even. one...period!

Every single minute of struggle has created a drive in me, a desire, a longing, and a tug of energy that keeps pushing me farther within myself, into a deeper need to understand the nature of the divine orchestration of life. To know our deepest powers, what drives our desires, our emotional intelligence, our creative ability, and above all to answer one question, how do we create our reality?

I am not willing to submit to the idea that we are mere victims of circumstance. I know that seeking the answer to this question is my task, and sharing it, to awaken the same question within you is my purpose. How you answer it, is yours.

So let's talk about it for a minute. How is your life going? If all is well, truly and deeply well then fine, awesome, great, fantastic! If not, then are you really willing to just sit back in your own misery, and accept that you have no choice in how your life unfolds? Are you willing to let your deepest pains and losses drag you down deeper into fear, lack, stagnation, emptiness, failure and unfulfillment, or are you ready to have the courage to stand up and say no more, and fuel your life with the inspiration born in you, and focus on the things you want, instead of all the things you already know you DO NOT. Where is your focus? Is it in fear and/or lack? Or is it on believing in the reality of the life you truly want to live?

Ask yourself, are you ready to settle for less any more? Are you ready to give your life away, your power, your free will to become the mere victim of circumstance any longer? I know certainly am not. I never have been, and it has been that decision that has lead me further into deeper knowing, deeper trust, deeper surrender, and a deeper desire and curiosity about the Universal Laws which govern this world we live in. I wanted to know how, and why things happen the way they do. I mainly wanted to know what part, and purpose we have in the unfolding of it all.

With that in mind, looking back on my life, I know that all of the fear, struggle, pain, misery, questioning, despair has been the biggest gift to me and I certainly was not ready to settle into defeat, for without it, I would have been complacent, ready to settle, just content with what is, not moving, not growing, just being the product of the circumstances around me. What is the point in that? There is no growth, no real expansion, no real creativity, no SOUL, just a simple passiveness, a settling for, a linear, boring mundane existence that is not really going anywhere, or with any point to it.

Life has demonstrated to me again and again that we are creative beings by nature. It is said that we are created in God's image, and I believe that God/Source/Oneness (whichever term you prefer to use) is creative, the Ultimate creator. So must we be if we are created in that image.

To be clear, our creativity exists not in just the production of art, music, painting and any form of 'making things'. True creativity exists in the very nature of who we are, in how we think, what we say, how we feel, and in the choices, decisions we make. In every second of every minute of every hour of every day, you are creating a reality based on your beliefs, and as a result of your thoughts, feelings, responses and actions. Even if you do not believe this, in your decision to deny this power, you are still creating your reality based on the belief you have chosen. Think about that....think about it hard.

The choice to believe that you are a victim of circumstance is a form of creation, it is one way of you creating your reality, and your life will unfold as a direct result of your perception of things from what you chose to believe. Your ability to choose, and your ability to believe (which are not inseparable), are the greatest powers you have. You are always using your power, be it to your advantage for growth or expansion, or not, and even if you are aware of it or not, you are still using it because you always have the ability to choose. You still are always your power because it is seated in the very nature of who you are as a creative being. You have a choice to direct your creative power intentionally in alignment with your desires, or you can be lazy about it and let circumstances dictate how you respond and react to life around you. Everything about life is a choice. Your choice.

Well, as I said, I have lived through my fair share fear, and there have been many times that I felt like giving up. I never did though. It wasn't always easy but I used the fear to drive me. I honestly believe the struggles and fear have been a gift from my Soul, driving me toward more understanding, knowledge and toward the awakening of true creative ability that I have, you have, that we all have. You are using it daily anyway, so why not use it to your advantage like I now do? Although you will have to be willing to change a few perspectives, shift a few judgements, shed a few fears and let go of many many years of programming, conditioning and beliefs seated in fear that do not serve you.

It can be hard to give up feeding into fear because it is a natural human reaction, a survival mechanism. We believe in our mind, from a subconsciously generated instinct, that fear will serve us, shield us, protect us from threats, or from danger. To a degree this is true yes, it will because fear creates an inner awareness of something displeasing, and unwanted in our experience.

Fear though, if you keep focusing on the threat and the unwanted, will not serve you. It will only perpetuate it because of how the Universal Law of Attraction works to bring you more of what you focus on. On the contrary, of you choose to use your fear as a signpost to guide you in the opposite direction by turning away from the threat, to focus more on what you want, then you can be lead down a path of creating a more desirable experience or situation in your life.

You might ask yourself why would I want to do this? Why should I listen to this? Is there any need for this? Well, that is not up to me that is up to you. Ask yourself these questions, and answer them honestly:

Am I truly happy?

Am I truly fulfilled?

Am I doing what I really love?

Is there a song in my heart as I go about my work each day?

Do I feel a true sense of purpose in my life?

Do I know who I really am, or am I living to please others?

Does my feeling of worth count on recognition, or approval from others, or from my own sense of fulfillment?

If everything is just fine and dandy for you, and you are truly happy with your life, and not just filling your fear with other distractions then fine, ignore everything that I am saying. If not, then think a bit deeper, ask yourself what would it take for you to be really fulfilled, happy and feel like you are in control of your life, and that it is not controlling you.

It is time to step back into your power, and all that often takes is a shift in your perspective, as it has for me. I have done that, I have done the work, in fact I am always doing the work. I'm in it daily, every minute actually in self reflection, in constant adjustment when I see myself moving back into fear or distrust, moving more deeply past the pains, through the wounds, into the fears, and past them into deeper trust, real surrender, release and alignment with my own Soul.

If you have ever seen me suffer, or if you are suffering yourself right now, I ask you to not feel sorry about it because there is great power in your pain. There's a form of guidance in your fear, you will find it if you chose to look past judging your fear, and turn your face to the Light as you look toward the solution of expanding beyond it. I always say that your fear is a a gift depending on your perspective. It can teach you how to truly live, by pointing you away from unwanted toward growth, expansion, past your limitations, your judgements and into freedom.

My greatest desire is to now help you find your fear, to shift the perspective on it and help you turn your face to the Light to align with the goldmine of abundance that is already yours. Abundance exists in you, as you on every level, all you have to do now is believe in it, choose it, and then allow it. But you first have to pass your fear, and you can only do that by walking right through it, past it into a level of trust and surrender that you have never been to before. Again, that is your a choice, like everything.

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