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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

One day when I was around 20 years old I was meditating to help settle my mind during a tough period of change and uncertainty, when I heard an utter from my guidance within telling me 'always remember the lesson is the void'. I didn't fully understand the meaning of the message, and figured it must mean that in the midst of change we should practice patience and left it at that. Fast forward another 20 years, with a lot of reflection on those words that I never did forget, I finally got to understanding what they really meant. I'll explain soon.

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated, that we had a mind that thought and gave us ideas that we could not see or hear, yet somehow they were there anyway. No-one ever really spoke much about it or seemed to really gave it any importance, however the mind seemed to govern our every waking moment nonetheless, and our dreams while we slept. It has become my life's mission to achieve mastery over my mind and how it affects me, and on the way to that the awareness of the power the mind has over how we feel emotionally, and how our thoughts influence our reality.....and to help others do the same.

I feel lucky that I have endured a fair enough of struggle my whole life, and that struggle has been was has fueled my drive for self mastery. My life seemed to be like one endless struggle, that was until the day I looked myself in the mirror and told myself enough was enough. I decided I was no longer available for any more of that crap, and that it was time to flip the script on it all. That decision has made me relentless in going after my goals and the things I desire for myself and my family. I think that this has definitely driven my desire to achieve greater mastery over how I influence the unfolding of my life, and as a result has fueled my passion for understanding our mind and our creative power even more. I was just not ready to roll over and accept that I am a creature of circumstance in my life, and that somehow, someway I had a say in the whole thing.

I'd say over the last two years was when I really decided to take things a step further and told myself 'okay I have nothing to lose here other than people thinking I am totally weird!' (which I know a few of you did anyway and some even admitted it, but I don't care, the payoff if it worked was worth the risk. Me being a conscious creator who was fully in charge of creating her own reality deliberately with ease and flow. Watch me I said, and off I went.

Long story short i'd say I have mastered the understanding of it, and have done a pretty nice job of putting into practice by peeling away the self I once was that I have identified with my life, and choosing a new version of who I want to show up as in the world each day. I am amazed each day when I see how life can unfold when you really are able to let of of limiting beliefs and resistance and line up with your desires and allow them to come to fruition.

The most fun part for me is when I see a situation manifesting that was once just a few lines I had written out as a desire in my vision journal. It takes a bit of time, and A LOT OF TRUST AND LETTING GO for things to come to fruition. It is a process and we have to do our part to either get out of the way of the universal flow, or take the aligned action necessary to allow these things to come to light. This part of the process is actually what I mainly wanted to write about today, all the rest above was just a brief lead up to the point I wanted to get at, or else nothing would have made sense.

Today there is so much talk about law of attraction, manifesting, becoming abundant, The Secret and the like (which I am not a huge fan of TBH, but it is still good for some folks if they resonate with it) that it has almost become like a fashion fad, a bandwagon of sorts that many of us have jumped on. I can tell you this though, as much as it seems that way it is not. The Law of Attraction really is a thing, it is a BIG thing, and what you are witnessing now is the emergence of a consciousness of it that we all have within us, it is something that we all already know but has been obscured from the world for centuries.

People like me and others who are now openly talking about it more and more are not special or magic, we are just brining a voice to the power we all have, the same potential that exists within each of us, the only difference between us and you is our willingness to be open minded and to completely surrender old outworn beliefs that are not really working for us any more, that are not creating a fully satisfying existence anymore and who are not ready or willing to sit back and settle for a half assed existence being a slave to the pay cheque and the system anymore. We know our potential, we embody it and you can too, but only if you choose to.

We are in a time now where the consciousness of our world is shifting, it is awakening and many will say that we are moving into a fifth dimensional consciousness. This makes great sense to me as that realm is all abut understanding the mind, and we how exist as energetic beings, and how thought, perception and belief are responsible for moulding the reality we experience far beyond how we interpret it through our physical senses. In actuality if you think of it this way, our physical senses were actually just intended to be the way in which we experienced the sensory pleasures of the world we created with our mind and thoughts...sounds so crazy right, but it is true.

Unfortunately we as human beings put so much of our focus and emphasis into the physical reality. We react to so much of what we observe there that we keep almost regurgitating the same type of reality over and over again because we are so intent on focusing on, thinking about and talking abut things that are happening now. Law of attraction brings us more of what we focus on because like attracts like, just like a magnet. Like a figure 8 that keeps running into itself with no end in sight, until someone finally cuts that cord with a fresh perspective of reality and a vision for a different future.

Ok this gets me back to my whole point....the time lapse that exists between the time we give birth to a desire in our mind, until the time it actually manifests into physical reality is the gap I am referring to here, and why I titled this blog 'Mind the Gap'. If you can master 'the gap' then you are home free as a conscious creator, manifestor, law of attraction expert...sorcerer (wink wink) whatever you want to use to define the fact that you have just mastered your creative power, and deliberately directed it into manifestation.

The gap is what my guidance was referring to as a the 'void' that I was in as change was emerging for me all those years ago. I have chosen to not use their definition as a void, as to me it conjures up images of a dark and scary unknown place that you might never get out of, quite the contrary to the gap that I have come to know and understand. Yes the unknown exists there, yes it can be scary when you are surrendering completely to trust in an unknown force that you cannot actually see, touch taste or feel, and yes sometimes you are in the dark because you simply do not know about what is in front of you, how things will happen or how they will emerge and in what form. For sure what I can say is though, that you have the power to turn your perspective to that of fun, excitement, anticipation and eagerness as you want to see how the universe will unfold and bring you the object or situation of your desire.

The gap is like the stage of baking when you place the mixed ingredients of a cake in the oven for a period of time, then when the bake time is up, the finished product is ready to eat. Also, you could consider it like planting a seed in the ground,. We have to prepare the soil, plant it, then give nature time to run its course to allow it to grow into fruition. The gap is the part of the manifestation process after created the desire in our mind, gathered our ideas, taken some action to make things happen and are now we are required to completely let go and surrender to trust in the flow to bring forth the fruits of our labor.

Unfortunately this is where most of the trouble begins and is the main reason that most people are unable to actually bring their desires to life. People are always creating new desires, going through all kinds of unwanted situations in life each day naturally forces us to create new desires and preferences in the way we would like to live, spend time and engage with others.

It is not required for you to sit and do a vision board or write lists or keeps forcing yourself to think about what you want, life just makes you do that. It was intended to be that way. The thing is though when you stay obsessively focused in the present situation as is, repeating thoughts, words and actions based upon the reality that exists today, perpetuating the unwanted you will just keep going that way. The Law of Attraction makes it so. The trick is to keep your eyes on your desires, while you focus in this moment on things you are appreciative of and the negative will fall away and in your state of gratitude, you are in a place to begin attracting the new situations you wish for.

We tend to get impatient in the gap between where we are, and where we want to be and this creates resistance. We become impatient, we are doubtful, we fear things will never change, and with this belief in mind it will be difficult for them to change because you will just keep attracting more and more of the same crap. Doubt, fear, mistrust and impatience are all energetic vibes that are in opposition to allowing the new to emerge.

The key is to not even try to be patient, because the fact that you need to be patient about something that is yet to come means you are still not truly finding satisfaction where you are, and have some sort of desperation need, yearning and longing for the change. Desperation never equals trust, just think of how it feels when you are desperate, itis a fear based and lackful emotion. You gotta let that sh#t go.

This blog was a whole long winded way to get to that point, but I will take any opportunity to talk about how absolutely, effortlessly powerful were can be if we just look for ways to be satisfied now, create clear concise desires for the future we desire, believe we are worthy of its attainment, and then just get the heck out of the way and let the universe do its job.

Enough is enough! It's time to stop doubting yourself. It's is time to believe in yourself, and it is time to stop regurgitation of a past and present that is tired and worn out, into a future that could be so much more.

It is time for growth, evolution, expansion, change, ease and flow, and most of all, it is time for you to wake up to the fact that you are so much more than this time/space reality has lead you to believe, and that all that is required for you to start seeing it, is for you to start believing in it....fully, with complete trust, no ifs or buts and no negotiations or compromise, that's it that's all! I will leave you with that, and until next time.....

Don't forget to be realistic and daydream often,

Ashleigh xo

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