Using Affirmation - The Right Way!

Many people use affirmations and vision boards in a way that is almost like a desperate attempt to change/fix alter or transform an already negative situation, such as a horrible job experience, or a challenging financial situation or feeling, muttering words they really don't believe in. I know this to be true because I have been there, done it, and have the tattoo etched into my Soul!

I remember days when I was desperately broke, barely had enough money to buy a loaf of bread, penniless, while the bank refused to release my cheque, even though I was standing there, stroller with two babies in hand, begging them not to. I felt like like the worst mum and a complete loser! Urghhh! Times were dire and any and all the affirmations in the world were a total joke. As I flipped through yet another self help book, I laughed at myself as I thought yeah right okay "I am really, really rich!....ehhh since when?" "Money flows effortlessly to me, but wait not today in the bank it didn't!" and the finale "I can be do or have anything I want........yeah right, let me see it then" I said! Pffffff.

I was the last person to being, doing, or having anything I wanted with that mental attitude, let alone being pleasing enough for the bank teller to even consider releasing the hold on my cheque. My bad vibes were getting me no where, and fast! No, actually they were making me feel worse, and making THINGS worse as a result.

When you are trying to affirm a condition with a new belief that you know is so far away from the reality you currently face, then all you are doing is creating more negative energy around the struggle and that really is helping noone. It's like friction, or like lightening that occurs as a result of static charges inside a rain cloud that forces the air to expand into an eventual big old bang! It is the friction between opposite charges of energy that create the storm. I compare the effect of trying to mask negative feelings with positive words eventually leading to a meltdown. I'll say it again, muttering affirmations in an already dire situation helps noone. It only adds salt to the wound by reminding you how far away you are from your goal, and creates more angst, stress, frustration and feelings of disempowerment and helplessness.

Affirmations are not always good.

Affirmations are not always helpful.

Affirmations can often make things worse instead of better.

Affirmations are not always a positive tool.

Just because they are in the self help book doesn't mean they will always work for you.

It was time for that to be said, so there, i've said it....with love!

The best thing you can do if you find yourself in a situation like my situation I described above is to honestly, try your best to ignore it and find something else to focus on that makes you feel better. Hard to do, I know, when reality is starting you intently in the face. You're broke, you're miserable, you hate your job, your relationship sucks, but come on, there has to be something good about in your life that's easy to focus on, something that can slowly ease you back into a better feeling mood. Begin again by reaffirming the new reality you'd like to create from there....slowly and generally, and only when you are in a good mood.

My easy feeling place was my kids, and although I often have my struggles with them, like any mother does, they are the ones who are always inspiring me to reach higher and for greater things. If not for myself, for them I wanted a better life, and to be a better and happier person for them to be around.....and, if times are just too tough with my kids, then I go into the kitchen and bake. It's relaxing, it smells good, it feels good to do, and it certainly tastes good after. What's not to love about baking? Shifting your mood, and your perspective a result will attract better things into your life. It really can be as simple as that. It's a piece of cake!! (pun intended!) :)

Personally, in spite of all I have said, I have to say that I do enjoy an affirmation or two! I say them, use them and write them down on days when the mood suits and my energy is right for it. But if it is not, then I don't. I think they can be an awesome tool to help you shift your vibe, to help create new momentum of energy flow into a different direction, and they can certainly make you feel different, better, positive, optimistic and eager about what is possible.

I like how affirmations can help you reprogram your subconscious mind with new ideas and thoughts that will later be translated into your physical reality if you keep at it long enough. I like how writing your affirmation out as an intention creates a singular focus of the powerful creative energy of your mind into one direct place, shifting your energetic attraction point to a brand new fresh perspective that can grow if you keep focused there and believe in it.

Belief is they key for any affirmation to work. You have to infuse the words with belief, while feeling with every cell in your body that that which you are asking for, that which you desire, is already yours. It's done. Its already signed, sealed and the deal is closed. Could you do that? Do you trust enough? Do you believe?

The trouble with this is that most of us are so focused in the current reality as it is, focused on our problem, struggling trying to find a solution for the situation we are knee deep in, longing for a change, but wasting energy still mulling over the issue. If you could just let all of that go a while, turn away from it and keep your energy, intent and focused belief in the new situation that you want to create, centred in the thing you desire, and trust that you can bring the new situation into being, sure enough it will show up. It might not appear in the in the way, or through the means you expect it, but it will come around all the same.

It really is as simple as spending time daydreaming about life the way you want it to be (this is why my signature always reads, be realistic & daydream often because this is as real as real gets in reality!) Believing in it fully, feeling the emotion of you having it, becoming it, breathing it in, vibing with it, embodying the essence of it with your every cell, and in every corner of your mind, eliminating any thing that is contrary to that from your thoughts....

An affirmation works best when is not intended to create a new state essentially, but to enhance, give more power to and direct greater focus of your energy, power, and intention toward belief in a desire that already exists within you, a feeling that you have already created within you. It is like a catalyst, and affirmation will only ever work when it is supported with thoughts, feelings and words that support and match it, otherwise it is better to avoid them all together.

An affirmation that's loaded with doubt, frustration, fear and uncertainty behind it is like a loaded train that is running on its tracks in the wrong direction. If this speaks to you then honestly, save your breath and as I said, get general about your life and start training yourself to focus on things that are already looking good for you. Turn your attention to finding things you already love and appreciate and build more energy there. Then one day when you feel ready to begin anew, from that more positive basis of seeing your life through eyes of gratitude, appreciation, love and faith in knowing that things can be great for you, and already are in many ways, start practicing your affirmations again and see the difference in how you feel. Sit back and watch your life transform in front of your eyes.

Trust me! You can do it, but you have to be appreciate what you have first. If like attracts like, and you appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are with, feeling true unconditional happiness, then more things just like that will come into your life to keep up with that flow. Try it and see for yourself.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and really learn how to harness the creative power of you mind and put it to action to start living the kind of life you dream of, being the kind of person you are dying to and living at the next level then be sure to register for my upcoming workshop Meditation to Manifestation because I'm going to teach you about the only tool you will ever need to start consciously creating the life you desire so you can actually begin to Be Your

Dream....that tool is YOU!

You should be excited about this workshop because it's brilliant!!!

I am going to teach you the all you need to know about how you can understand, harness and direct the creative power of your mind to consciously create your reality with nine steps that I use in my own life, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! This is how I live all day, all the time, not only for manifesting the things I want, but to summon the best out of my relationships with others, my love life, my body, my fitness and health, my finances, and most importantly mind and emotions because that's where dreams begin, or end.....if you don't know what's up with how your mind really works!

I will teach you how meditation is your superpower when it comes to accessing the different layers of your mind, and to see if the thoughts and beliefs you have accumulated through your mind are actually working for you, or against to and how to clean it all to start working in your favour for you, and in support of you actually creating not only the the life you really want to live, but also the becoming person you really want to become. 

What we will cover:

1. Your Soul Purpose and the Universal Law of Attraction & Free Will

2. The creative power of your mind   

3. Your emotions are not your weakness, they are your guidance

4. Understanding and accessing spiritual guidance 

5. Mapping your hearts desires 

6. Unearth self limiting beliefs 

7. Release resistance

8. Rewrite your life story 

9. Locking it all in for the long haul

What you will gain: 

A sense of who you really are at a deeper soul level ​

A deeper sense of self-awareness, clearer boundaries and clear knowledge of your needs, wants and desires and how to attain them in a healthy, balanced way

A deep sense of self trust, love and appreciation for your life and YOU!

A renewed sense of authentic and lasting happiness

A sense of purpose and true fulfillment in your life

A surge of energy and vitality

A deeper sense of authenticity in relationships, and connections with others

An improvement in feelings of health and well being

Clarity of your passion, purpose and desires

Clarity of what your resistance is, not only to release and reprogram thoughts but to enhance peace, stress relief and mental and emotional empowerment 

Learn how to take the reins on your life 

A sense of greater self empowerment 

Tools to help you harness and direct your thoughts in ways that will promote happiness and satisfaction 

Enhanced feelings of health and wellbeing 

Learn how meditation and mantra works to harness and direct your thoughts, words and intentions consciously and deliberately

Learn how to achieve mastery over your mind 

This workshop is 4 hours and 15 minutes long. We will discuss the first 4 of the 9 steps I use in the first two hours, take a 15 minute break, the reconvene to discuss the final 5 steps, as well we will do some meditation and mantra to lock it all in and to get you started at putting the principles to practice RIGHT AWAY!

When? - Saturday September 5th 

What Time? 10am - 1.15pm PST 

Where? - Zoom online (when you Sign up you will receive a link to the workshop)

How Much? - $150 

How do I sign up? - Register right here! 


I am so excited about offering everyone who signs up for the Meditation to Manifestation workshop FREE ACCESS to my amazing self study course 'Journal Me Happy - A Week of Worth' - A Seven Day Intensive with Journaling, Mantra & Meditation to Shift your Perspective to Positivity & Power. This course is amazing, and will completely take what you learn in this workshop to the next level as you learn how to use another powerful tool which is so effective in helping you harness your creative power - journaling. 

Until next time, don't forget.....

Be realistic and daydream often!


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