Yoga Master Class. 'Inversions - Shifting From Fear to Possibility.'

There is something in the beauty of an inverted posture, like this my downward dog pictured left, that offers up a fresh opportunity to look at your life from a completely different viewpoint. Ever opened your eyes during an inversion? Try it and you will know what I mean!

In the inevitable challenge that inverted postures initially offer, you might find yourself questioning your body and minds ability to get into the posture. "What if I get dizzy? What if I fall? What I my arms are not strong enough to hold me?" What if my neck hurts? What if I am just downright scared to be upside down!"

Yoga has always been a practice I have personally turned to, to help me feel out the limitations and obstacles in my life. Yoga has helped me find new ways in which I can expand the possibility of what my body, mind and heart are capable of achieving. Yoga, and specifically practicing inversions has taught me that fear, and the perceived limitations in our body, mind and heart are not something to be afraid of, and that they are in fact a gift. Yoga postures are like signposts that point us in the direction of our growth, offering an opportunity to look at life, and your challenges from a new broader perspective.

Ask yourself now, what is it that you are afraid of? Maybe you haven't even realised yet? Sometimes we don't even know what our fears are, until we find ourselves in situations where facing them is unavoidable. Fortunately, Yoga has an interesting way of serving those parts of ourselves up for reflection!

Do you think that opportunity, posed by a look at life with a fresh perspective, could help you shift your fear from being your limitation, into being your potential unrealised? Why not try an inverted Yoga pose, and open your eyes to see your world upside down? What you see might show you something you can really reflect on, and power you in the direction of your growth with a new strength in your heart and mind.

Be realistic, dream often!

- Ashleigh XO

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