Kids Mindfulness, Yoga and Breathing for Emotional Wellness. A Course to help educate children about their feelings in a way that is light-hearted and fun!


This is an online course based on the popular children's book about feelings, 'How's the Weather Today? - My Feelings Forecast'. Featuring brightly illustrated images and fun weather themes, this course has been created to help educate children about the daily awareness of their feelings in a way that is light-hearted and fun.

This online course features workable lessons in identifying, understanding, expressing and managing different emotions. The exercises are based on variations of yoga pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, mindfulness exercises with crafts, and even yoga nidra for kids!

This course includes:

  • 2 hours on-demand video

  • 13 downloadable resources

  • Full lifetime access

  • Audio and video access on mobile and TV

  • Bonus printable colour breathing buddy poster

  • Printable interactive powerpoint

What you'll learn:

  • Parents, teachers or caregivers will learn simple, yet fun and engaging mindfulness, yoga breathing and meditation strategies to enhance kids emotional wellness.

  • Specialized Yoga Pranayama (breath work) exercises adapted for children

  • Crafty exercises based in mindfulness to develop and enhance self awareness and self esteem

  • A special yoga nidra meditation for kids

  • Plenty of written resources by the course creator based on subjects from yoga for ADHD to intro to colour therapy for kids

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence for kids using fun weather themes to represent different emotional states

  • Bonus Downloadable full colour poster of Swim Buddy Swim! breathing buddy exercise for your kids bedroom wall

  • How to teach your child to harness the power of their mind to focus on positivity and their own inner power

  • Fun and lighthearted activities you can share as a family to enhance emotional wellness, and respect for each other's feelings and emotions

  • Holistic strategies that are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules and routines.

  • A calming breath with aromatherapy and creative visualisation to help de-escalate anger and heightened emotions in kids


I wrote and illustrated the original book 'How's the Weather Today? - My Feelings Forecast' with my children several years ago and feel so proud of our work! I am now even happier to share the online version complete with exercises to help balance, or enhance all the emotional states covered.


I really wish to support you if you are a parent with children at home, or are a teacher or guardian with children in your care in a way that is easy, yet effective and fun.

I hope this course will help you support your children emotionally stressful times, as well as offer some fun activities you can share with your child and family too for fun, especially if you are a parent with children at home, or are a teacher helping educate them virtually and are looking for ideas to help support their students emotionally in a fun way during the challenges we are facing during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

​We hope you enjoy the course! 


Get started on the course now with a special COVID-19 support special. The regular price of this course is $64.99, but to support families with children at home during this challenging time it is my pleasure to offer the program at a special price of $14.99

'How's the Weather Today? Online

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