'Journal Me Happy! – A Week of Worth'

A Seven Day Intensive with Journaling, Mantra & Meditation

to Shift your Perspective to Positivity & Power 

with Ashleigh Stewart Msc.D.​


Would you like to enhance your sense of satisfaction?

Would you like to cultivate a deeper sense of happiness? 

Would you like to feel more fulfilment in your life?

Would you like to learn to use writing to access your creative potential? 

Does the idea of journaling intrigue you?  

Are you inspired to journal but aren't sure what to write about? 

Are you concerned that you might not have enough time to keep a journal?


If you want to take charge of your happiness and feel intrigued by the idea of beginning a journal in a simple, yet insightful way

then this course is a must for you!​

This online course features over 6 hours of readable, video and audio learning sections including: 


Introduction to using 'Journal Me Happy! – A Week of Worth' 
About My Journaling Journey 
The Art of Journaling - How to Approach This Course
Seven Secrets to Effective Journaling 
Writing To Access your Creative Potential​

Daily Journaling Prompts

Seven Relatable Daily Focuses Specifically Chosen to Enhance Your Happiness

A Daily Mantra & Meditation Exercise to Lock in Focused Intention

Exclusive access to the interactive 'Journal Me Happy' Facebook Community Group

An Exclusive Look into my Personal Journal

"I was inspired to create ‘Journal Me Happy – A Week of Worth’ over seven days because I wanted to create a course that you could take part in that offers measurable results, with minimal effort, and that could be accomplished in a short period of time. I honestly believe, in fact I know, that seven days is all that is takes to see remarkable results in your life after spending a week journaling and choosing to view your life with a renewed shift of perspective.  

In numerology the number seven is the number of trust, going within, and the number of the spirit. Through the path of alignment with the spirit is the only way to achieve true happiness and inner contentment. This is another reason why I chose to write this course over a span of seven days.

I wrote this course because everyone seems to be waiting for that next big thing to happen to them before they think they can be truly happy. Well guess what, you can’t get to happy from a dream of it in the future. You have to truly feel the happiness, and step into being happy TODAY in order to create and attract more of it.

The creative energy that creates the universe dictates that we get more of what we give out. Powerful Universal Laws of Attraction, Creation, and Allowing determine that we must first be an energetic match that of which we wish to create, along with feeling a genuine sense of joy, well-being, and trust in order to allow it to come to being in your experience. This is what the purpose of this week long journaling course is all about.

Life is all about perspective. How you see things, and your beliefs is a reflection of what you are living. Your outer world is a reflection of the inner world, it is the outward manifestation of all that you are today, and the energy you are vibrating from within, and this journaling course was written to help you realize, then switch your perspective of things, so you can position yourself to start creating and attracting your best life possible into your experience.

Sound good to you? Yes, I thought so!  

See you inside!"

 Ashleigh XO

Journal Me Happy! - A Week of Worth

  • Downloadable File Contains 6 Hours+ of Video, Audio & Readable Files Including

    MP4, M3U, MP3 and Power Point. 

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